Tank Games Apps: 3D Army Simulator – Real Life Driving and Parking Test Run – Drive and Park Military Truck, Car and Tank App

#One of the most realistic military car games on the store#

The war is coming soldier, so grab your gear and start training with 3D Army Simulator.

3D Army Simulator HD has the most sophisticated car engine on the store with over 100 different driving parameters adjusted precisely for each vehicle. Learn to drive and park most popular american army vehicles.

Experience over 96 levels and unlock all stars. Each level requirers different approach and set of skills. Have fun and become the best army driver!

### Game features include ###
– 3 cars covering most popular army vehicle types
– 140+ Levels for all vehicles in 4 different modes
– Lots of achievements to unlock
– 400+ Stars to earn
– 3 Different Trucks with distinct driving parameters
– Highly realistic military train area
– Compete and beat your friend’s scores on Leaderboards

Snow & Rain mode – realistic change of car behaviour in different weather conditions with over 250 new levels.

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