Tank Games Apps: 3D Battlefield Tank Simulator : Real Train & Target Driving & Simulator Cool Game App

An awesome battlefield awaits you with its massive vehicles and wild parking challenges. The parking challenges involve driving the heavy duty tanks through the battlefields, dodging hurdles and army barracks, and safely parking them at the allotted spots. Don’t forget tanks are extremely difficult to maneuver due to their sheer weight and size. Be the brave soldier who can perform that duty to his nation diligently and take upon these tank parking simulation missions.
Take a try at this Battlefield Tank Simulator and experience the rush and daring atmosphere of a battlefield full of armed vehicles, soldiers, explosives and an army at war. Drive the tanks and feel the immensity and power of these battlefield vehicles. Acceleration and braking in this tank simulator will show you how differently they operate.

Key Features of Battlefield Tank Simulator include:
– Striking graphics optimized for smartphones and tablets
– 3D Epic war environments with army weaponry
– 3D Realistic animation of tanks
– 30 Dynamic war missions to put your parking skills to test
– No text and minimal UI, easy for anyone to pick up, play and park with no instruction
– Simulator includes superior controls for accelerator, brakes, steering and fuel refill
– Options to choose between steering, buttons or accelerometer


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