Tank Games Apps: Battle Alert:War of Tanks App

A legendary military strategy game with millions players.
10 thousands gave the game full 5 star review !
Build powerful army, defeat enemies for human’s remaining resources in the hottest MMORTS war game on both iPhone and iPad!

Download to experience a real and interesting war!
Upgrade your Marine, Air forces, Grizzle Tanks or other powerful units.
Lead your army to attack and get lots of resource.
It’s time for you to rule the world in game!


vLaunch deadly attacks with 22 modern tanks, planes and units.

vProtect your base and dominate the World Freedom .

vStrategic, player-vs-player battles.

vImmersive environments and eye-popping graphics in game.

vFight, protect, resource, units, mine…all you can imagine.

vInteresting campaign, legendary combat against field army.

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