Tank Games Apps: Lock Photo Pro: Private Picture Album Manager & Organizer for Image Privacy with Secret Passcode Protected Safe Vault (aka: Photo Tank) App

Photo Tank is for keeping your secret photos private.

Sometimes you want to keep a collection of hot pics in a separate stash.
Sometimes you wish some of your photos aren’t seen by everyone.
Sometimes you need to have a little privacy for your photos.
Photo Tank is just for that.

? Passcode of any length for maximum security

? Import photos from iOS photo library
? Import photos using WiFi & any web browser

? View list of albums
? View album images as thumbnail
? View full resolution images

? Email & Message photos
? Facebook & Twitter sharing
? AirDrop send photos
? Copy photos to Pasteboard
? Save photos to Camera Roll

? Create, Rename & Delete albums
? Move photos across albums
? Reorder albums
? Reorder photos


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