Tank Games Apps: Tank Wars 2012 App

Do you remember the happy time in childhood? How fantastic Tank Combat was.
Tank Combat 2012 is coming now! Aesthetic and tough tank style, lively and visual game scene ,and ingenious game level design which represents a stair-stepping levels. In fact, these features are not all of the things we want to present for you. In addition, this game can awaken your nice memory of childhood. It will enable you accessing to a fancy war world. Tank Combat 2012 should be the best option to you after “the end of the world”.

Game Features
Diversity of terrains constitute hundreds of battles where from the jungle of Amazon to secret Military Base in Pine Gap. From frozen ice field in Himalaya to the last blink of the doomsday. Tank Combat 2012 will enable you fighting fully and delightfully!

Different and powerful Boss guard the vital areas around the world. Many game plays adding strong force of enemy make you confused? Don’t worry be happy! Just drafting strategies and then mounting. You can defeat enemies due to the smart strategy! Victory or defeat will be happened in one second. Catching the opportunity for combat and defeating your opponents quickly!

“Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.” Strong enemy reflects how powerful you are. Four models of our tanks represent perfect “Tank Style”. Each model of our tanks has its own attack style and the scope of firepower, even you can upgrade your tank into Gundam model. Furthermore, this game use Quarter View that guide you into a real war. Blooming in the steely and bloody War Waltz, tank warrior. You will be the winner of the last.


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